• PH-designed Modular Amphibious Tactical Vehicle 

  • Awarded 2016 Best Design [Defense category] by DTI Design Center Philippines

  • Propossal for  in-country production and assembly thru the Self-Reliance Defense Posture [SRDP] Program in partnership with Government Arsenal and SC Group [UK].

  • The baseline vehicle will be the battle-tested SUPACAT Jackal 2 or LRV used by coalition  forces in the Middle East 

  • The SUPACROC [4x4 or 6x6] will be the proposed amphibious version of the SUPACAT's JACKAL or LRV intended for AFP  and regional defense market 


Coastal Riverine Off-road Combat vehicle


General-purpose Amphibious Truck, Overside  Removable kit

  • PH-designed Modular Amphibious Kit for 6x6 truck

  • Base vehicle is  KIA KM250 6x6 truck or any 6x6 military  truck

  • Removable 200HP Mercury jet engine

  • In-country production thru Self-Reliance Defense Posture [SRDP] Program in partnership with Stoneworks [PH]

  • Philippine Army SRDP Project 


Deployable Rear Area Ground Operation center, Networked

  • PH-designed Modular Mobile Tactical Operation Center

  • Configurable as UAS Ground Control Station

  • Integrated workstations with multiple screen displays

  • Integrated communication suite with telescoping antenna mast

  • Detachable tent side extension for billeting and meeting area

  • Proposed in-country assembly thru the Self-Reliance Defense Posture [SRDP] Program in partnership with Almazora Motors Corp. [PH] 

  • The baseline vehicle will be Isuzu Trucks or Military 6x6 truck

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