C.O.M.S.     Collaboration & Operations Management Systems

The C.O.M.S. is an information system used to facilitate communication and  efficient sharing of data, documents and knowledge between teams and individuals of military, police and security agencies. COMS tools include the Internet, groupware, various  software, hardware and internal and external networks.


An affordable tactical battle management system integrating  portable rugged 3G/4G/radio or satellite communications with  mission-essential apps such as PES for mission planning and monitoring, 3D navigation, blue force tracking, Common Operational Picture (COP) Sharing, tactical chat, military format messaging ,field manuals, enemy database and a lot more.


An affordable smartphone with police operations app suite designed for quick and easy collaboration between the  police, the community and government agencies with features for emergency assistance,  alert notifications,  incident reporting, patrol tracking, crime maps, public safety tips, police manuals, access to PNP services and others.


A cost-efficient solution for online security guard operations management. Security guards can use the digital radio or the 3G/LTE smartphone and WiFi network to transmit real-time reports with photos or videos. Patrol tracking, visitor logs and other guard reports. Guard activities can be managed or reviewed online by clients and security managers.

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